Care Groups

Our Hope
In Care Groups, we hope people learn what it means to fall in love with Jesus and live the life of a disciple. Our hope is that Care Groups create a space for all people - those who have an existing faith in Jesus, and those who are uncertain in what they believe. The purpose of our Care Groups is to grow and be challenged in the context of a smaller group of believers. At Omaha Bible Church, we meet together on Sunday morning for worship service and then in smaller gatherings called Care Groups twice each month. Joining a Care Group is the primary way our church cultivates meaningful one to one relationships with one another, and this is one of the many ways we believe God grows us as believers in Jesus. Whether you are new to Omaha Bible Church or have been attending for years, we encourage you to experience the vibrancy of a gospel-centered smaller group by joining a Care Group.

Our Groups
Our Care Groups meet every other week throughout the city of Omaha. This year we will focus on the Gospel of Mark and also such topics as the gospel, Jesus, reading and understanding the Bible, praise, prayer, and service to others. Care Groups meet for one year. Throughout this year Care Groups will use the book One to One Bible Reading – A Simple Guide for every Christian by David Helm to guide us. This book is designed to enrich our own understanding of the Bible as we read it, but also equip us to read the Bible with others who attend our church and with our neighbors, friends, family and co-workers in a way that points us all to Jesus Christ as Savior. This fits well with one purpose of Care Groups which is to reach those who do not know Jesus as Savior with the gospel of Christ as proclaimed in the Bible. Care Groups are in some ways very typical of other social gatherings in Omaha, however, they are distinct groups founded and shaped by the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our Leaders
Care Groups are led by leaders who use their unique gifts and abilities to teach and care for the members of their group. Care Group Leaders are members of our church family who faithfully lead and support our church body. Their purpose is not to model perfection, for they are sinners too, but to demonstrate a heart willing to be shaped by and to grow in Jesus Christ. Our leaders facilitate Care Group meetings and organize the ongoing life of their small group members. They not only open up their lives to listen, support, and faithfully walk with the people in our church. Our hope for leaders is the same for Care Group members; that they would experience the redemption of the gospel and walk in a manner worthy of the gospel.


Dowload the Care Group Directory here for a description of each group.


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